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  • Vacant to Vibrant - Belfast City Council Grant Scheme

    18th January 2023

    Belfast City Council opened a two-year pilot capital grant scheme in July 2022 to incentivise both property owners and potential occupiers to bring vacant Belfast city centre spaces back into use and support the city centre s revitalisation. Through the scheme, Council has allocated 1mtosupport...

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  • Non-Domestic Rating Revaluation 2023

    12th January 2023

    The rating revaluation of all non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland totalling some 74,750 properties is effective on 1stApril 2023 and is based on rental levels from October 2021 The last revaluation of non-domestic properties took place on 1stApril 2020. The purpose of regular rating...

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  • Yo Burger hits the Lisburn Road

    24th May 2021

    Yo Burger Bar have recently expanded their fast food offerings, opening a new store on the Lisburn Road. Situated between Camile Thai and Spoon Street, it will occupy part of the former M S unit. They offer a mixture of burgers, fries and milkshakes. Operations director Zara Beggs said: "We o...

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  • The Juice Jar opens on Botanic Avenue

    19th May 2021

    The Juice Jar have opened their second Belfast restaurant the first suburban store for the popular healthy food specialists. The unit, which was previously occupied by STA Travel, has been transformed to an impressive new layout. Specialising in local, healthy and nutritious products, it has mo...

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  • Boojum open on Lisburn Road

    25th May 2018

    Boojum have opened their 5th Belfast restaurant which is the first suburban outlet for the popular Mexican burrito bar. The unit which was previously occupied by Reeds Rain has been amalgamated from 2 units to create a 68 seat restaurant. Brian Wilkinson of McKibbin Commercial commented the arr...

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